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    • Will My Car Be Accepted If Its Registration Is Out Of Date or Have Any Pending Fees?

    Selling your old car can be stressing and overwhelming. But having to sell off your registered car that is out of date can be more hectic. Feeling confused about picking up the right dealer to give you the best dollars can be exhausting. Above all, if your car has got some pending fees then having the courage and hope to sell it for a good price might seem a bad idea. However, despite all these problems, if there’s someone who’s willing to hold them and solve them, while you sit and relax is the team of Melton Auto wreckers. We have a place for any car that you offer us. So let’s get on a call and dive into fixing the best deal- 0481211 011

    Car Wreckers Melton


    Why choose the team of Melton Auto wreckers above anyone else?

    • Melton Auto Wreckers will accept your car despite its condition, size, model, and make.
    • Whether your car isn’t roadworthy or is out of the registration or it has got some pending fees, you can count on us to buy it from you despite all odds. 
    • Melton Auto wreckers provide you with the best price for your junk car than anyone else.
    • Our service is termed A1 by our customers because of our team’s flexibility and premium work ethic. So you can expect us to fix the deal, reach your place, tow your car and transfer you the money, all in one day.
    • Our service providers make sure that, we pick up your vehicle from your assigned location so that you won’t have to drive it to us. And we do this for absolutely FREE
    • All our practices are environmentally friendly.


    How to work with Melton Auto Wreckers?

    • Dial us at our number- 0481211011 011 and our team member in charge will ask you some basic details about your car. You just have to answer all of them.
    • Drawing a conclusion from your answer, our team member will quote you an estimated rate for your car. If it’s good to go for you, then great! Our professional team will step at your assigned location at your convenience. All the formalities will be undertaken by our team members. So you can expect it to be free of any hassle
    • We will tow your car and transfer you the money straight away.
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