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    Are you seeking a qualified Hyundai Car Wreckers team to care for your damaged Hyundai vehicle? Melton Auto Wreckers will safely take your old car from your hands, so your search is finished. 

    You may get top pay for your old Hyundai, allowing you to make room in your garage for your new dream car. Assume you’re looking for low-cost, high-quality Hyundai Wreckers that have been thoroughly inspected and authorized by a qualified auto mechanic. Get in touch with the professionals at Melton Auto Wreckers immediately if this is the case!

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    Hyundai Car Wreckers


    After many years of experience dealing with used car parts for sale, we now offer a large selection of used car parts for sale. To give you a better understanding, below are some of the things we provide:

    • Brake Hoses 
    • Batteries
    • Compressors
    • Condensers 
    • Differentials
    • Driers
    • Filters for Fuel
    • Tanks for fuel
    • Gearboxes 
    • Ignition systems for wheels
    • Cooling system for engines
    • Gearbox
    • Filters for oil
    • Computers on Board
    • Radiators
    • Seals
    • Shock Absorbers 
    • Belts for Timing
    • Pumps for water


    Are you looking for a Hyundai Car Wrecker who will give you excellent service and pay you the top price for your vehicle? Melton Car Wreckers is a well-known auto wrecking company that will give you top dollar for your old Hyundai.

    Sellers Of Hyundai Used Car Parts With The Highest Reputation.

    We understand how tough it is to trust a customer when purchasing used auto components for your vehicle when dealing with old car parts. There’s a chance you won’t know whether or not you’re receiving a reasonable amount. This is why buying from a reliable retailer is so essential. At Melton Auto Wreckers, we buy used and unwanted cars daily and wreck and dismantle them to extract parts. These parts are then thoroughly examined to see if they can be resold. Any component that fails to meet our high standards is eliminated.

    Genuine OEM parts are the only ones we sell. So, if you’re looking for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part for you, give us a phone call, and we’ll be happy to help you. For a fraction of the cost of a brand-new car,third-party-created parts, you can find an OEM part for your car. So, why should you accept anything less? Please contact us straight away!


    At Melton Auto Wreckers, we guarantee to provide courteous, honest, dependable, and professional services at an affordable price. Our auto wreckers and cash for cars team will always go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the greatest money for your wrecked Hyundai as well as all of our used components. We are committed to delivering cost-effective and dependable solutions to our clients while being professional and pleasant. Please contact us for an estimate, complete the form on our website or send an email to

    A Hyundai owner’s anxiety level rises just thinking about selling his or her automobile. As a result, we’ve made selling cars for cash exceedingly straightforward for car owners. As a result, we pay cash on the spot for Hyundai.


    • Automobiles in Disrepair
    • Used Cars 
    • Unwanted Automobiles
    • Vehicles that have collided
    • Scrap Vehicles
    • Wrecked Cars 
    • The car that was hit by a hailstorm
    • The car was damaged in an accident.
    • Cars that aren’t running
    • Cars that haven’t been registered


    What better way to get rid of your rusted-out Hyundai than to sell it for a reasonable price? Unfortunately, there aren’t any to tell you the truth. This is the most convenient way to get money for an old car. Our specialists will make you an offer you won’t be able to refuse if you call at 0481 211 011 / (03) 8746 4268. Throughout the process, our professionals will give you honest and competent guidance.


    You may have looked in stores if you’re looking for used parts for your Hyundai Car Wreckers for the first time. Extra features purchased in a store or showroom, on the other hand, can be more costly. Buying Hyundai parts online is the best option because you can receive the same features at a lower cost. On the other hand, Melton Auto Wreckers assures that our Used Car Parts are sold at a fair price. However, we believe that maintaining and improving the performance of your Hyundai does not have to be costly. 

    However, by getting good and original components from us, you can ensure that your automobile continues to run efficiently despite its age.