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    We offer Australia-wide shipping. If you want to order a part from us, read on to find out more about our delivery and freight information.

    How much does delivery cost?

    The cost of your delivery will depend on the parts bought, the destination and the delivery option you choose.

    Do you offer same-day or next-day delivery?

    Next-day delivery might be available in some instances if the parts are to be delivered within Melbourne. But if we’re talking about Australia-wide delivery will typically take anywhere from 2 to 3 business days to a week or so, depending on the situation. The dimensions of the package might also affect the delivery time, so large parts might take longer to be delivered as they will require specialised mode of transport.

    I need a part urgently. Can you make an exception and do express shipping for me?

    We always try our best to accommodate our customers. If you need a part urgently, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do. But we will not compromise when it comes to proper packaging and safe delivery, so many a times, we can’t expedite the process.

    Will you provide me with the delivery information?

    Yes, we’ll keep you updated on the status of the delivery, from when it’s dispatched to when it’s estimated to be delivered. You will also be able to track your package so you know the status at any given point in time.

    If you have any more questions regarding delivery or need further clarifications, please get in touch with us at 0481 211 011 / (03) 8746 4268.