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    The largest Commodore wreckers in all of Melbourne are Melton Auto Wreckers. We focus on all Holden Commodores models to ensure we’re taking care of one of Australia’s most popular car brands. Our team of automobile removal specialists handles our car removal service. Contact the crew at Melton Auto Wreckers if an old or damaged Commodore obstructs your driveway or becomes an eyesore on your property.

    Call us immediately on 0481 211 011 / (03) 8746 4268 to speak with a team member. Soon, we’ll get in touch with you to set up the pickup or delivery of your car for wrecking.

    Recycling that respects the environment

    In addition to offering high-quality replacement parts at competitive prices, our company also works to reduce automotive waste to protect the environment. For example, a typical automobile can have up to 82 per cent of its components recycled rather than dumped in a landfill. By reusing parts, we also reduce the need for new features to be produced annually, lowering emissions and waste. The bodies are recycled for use in manufacturing metal after thoroughly removing any toxic fluids for safe disposal. You can help protect the environment by electing to utilise a spare part or by selling us your Commodore so we can use it for spare parts.

    What Advantages do secondhand car parts have over brand-new ones?

    The availability of Original Equipment (OE) components is one of the most popular justifications given by car owners for choosing used over new parts. For example, OE components were put in when the car was initially put together in the factory. Consequently, if you purchase a used OEM part, you’re purchasing a genuine manufacturer’s part rather than a third-party compatible part.

    Melbourne self-serve commodore wreckers

    Melton Auto Wreckers can help you get your Commodore operating again without costing a fortune. Because we understand how expensive it can be when your car breaks down, we specialise in selling genuine used auto parts. We offer you high-quality, dependable spare parts at a discount compared to the price of purchasing new ones.

    For self-serve parts: hints

    Melton Auto Wreckers would like to offer some suggestions to make your self-serve experience with Melton Auto Wreckers successful. Doing your research will boost your chances of locating the required part, so start there. Because specific original components are interchangeable, we might have the amount you need without having your exact vehicle on hand. Please ensure you are outfitted with the appropriate footwear, clothing, and tools before visiting us. Before removing a part, verify our prices on the pricing board when you arrive. Finally, always give yourself enough time to locate the car and retrieve the necessary components before the store closes. Please contact the Melton Auto Wreckers staff for any advice or details.


    Good secondhand parts at affordable costs
    From beginning to end, prompt and courteous service.
    Beyond the call of duty, we’re willing to assist you. We’ll check with other suppliers if we don’t have the part you need in stock and try to find it for you.
    Transactions that are honest and open. Dealing with us means you won’t have to worry about extra fees or excessive rates.

    We Cover Every Brand!

    We provide parts for all makes and types of vehicles at Melton Auto Wreckers!

    We carry every type of auto part, including those for Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia, Renault, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Suzuki, Audi, Ford, Skoda, Chevrolet, Lexus, BMW, and more!

    What used auto parts do you offer for sale?

    Melton Auto Wreckers sells a wide variety of auto parts. Everything from wheels and steering to heating and cooling systems, clutches, transmissions, engine parts, and fuel systems is part of our enormous collection.

    We Sell:

    Brake Hoses
    Cooling systems
    Exhaust systems
    Fuel Filters
    Ignition systems
    Ignition timing
    Oil Filters
    Onboard Computers
    Propelling nozzle
    Piston engine valve
    Shock Absorbers
    Starter system
    Timing Belts
    Water Pumps
    And more

    Our components are tested, cleaned, and inspected before they are given the sellable label. Unfortunately, we won’t sell a part if it doesn’t match our requirements for quality. Selling subpar parts would risk our reputation and the goodwill we’ve worked so hard to earn. The goal at Melton Auto Wreckers isn’t to sell subpar goods; rather, we want our consumers to buy from us with confidence.

    Parts for Commodore

    The most popular makes of Holden Commodores are covered by the new and used spare parts inventory of Commodore Shop. Every day, we disassemble the best components from totalled cars. Call and order commodore parts like – alternator, side mirror, gearbox, tail light, starter motor, door handle, headlight, radio, strut, engine control unit, radiator overflow bottle, or one of the thousands of other components we stock. It can be picked up off the shelf and installed right away.


    With us, you only receive the best because every Used Car Part in our collection has been examined to ensure they are of the highest calibre.

    Our employees put in a lot of effort and go above and above to give you timely and courteous service.

    We are Melbourne’s most dependable Used Auto Parts store and Commodore Wreckers, thanks to our honest rates and reputable business procedures.

    We are a thriving Australian-owned company with a strong feeling of neighbourhood.

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