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    Sell Your Car For Top cash In Burnside VIC 3023

    Want to sell your unwanted car in Burnside but can’t decide where? If you don’t wish to go through the hassles of selling your damaged vehicle, contact Melton Auto Wreckers to get the best price for it. We are one of the most recommended Cash Removal Services in Burnside, which provides top cash rates to their customers.

    Call (03) 8746 4268 / 0481 211 011

    Melton Auto Wreckers’ team strives to provide their customers with quick Car Removals in Burnside 3023. We believe that by saving our customer’s time, we give them a sense of reliability. Hence, our car appraisers give you an instant quote for your old car. Our Car Removal services are entirely free of cost, and we accept all types of vehicles, regardless of their condition.

    Car Removals in Burnside


    Instant, Highest Cash Prices In Burnside, VIC

    We give all our customers market competitive prices and honest cash quotes for their scrap cars. Melton Auto Wreckers provide a no-haggle and a hassle-free experience to their customers. Our team will instantly carry out the pay-out by online bank transfer the day your car is being removed. Once that is done, we will remove your vehicle from your yard.

    We hold years of experience in the car buying and wrecking business, and as we recycle several cars daily and make some profit out of them, we can provide our customers with top cash quotes they can’t refuse. Our professionals dismantle the vehicle, remove every usable part, and then sell them online. 

    The scrap metal left from the car doesn’t go to waste either. It is disposed of in a non-hazardous manner and used for different industrial purposes. Rather than letting your old car become a landfill, sell it to us, make some extra cash, and choose an eco-friendly method of car recycling.

    Schedule a Free Car Removal in Burnside with Melton Auto Wreckers

    We take care of everything in the car removal process. The towing of your car and the required paperwork is free of cost. As a trusted car removal company, we provide top-notch service. Give us a call and opt for a no-hassle car sale. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Provide your vehicle’s accurate details, like the make, model, condition, type of issue/damage, and year of manufacture, when you talk to one of our appraisers. We will get back to you with a reasonable quote.
    2. If you accept our offer, book an appointment for us to come and remove your car. We offer same-day removals.
    3. Our team will be reached at your location on time, and after a quick inspection of your car, we will hand over the amount to you. We will then tow away your damaged car.

    It is that simple! Just give a call today and have your car removed in Burnside within a few hours.

    Contact Us Today!

    If a lightning-fast car removal in Burnside is what you seek, give Melton Auto Wreckers a call! We believe that by offering our customers hassle-less car removal, we create a bond of a lifetime.  

    Selling your old car can be a bit of a headache, and most of us don’t have months to invest in finding a car buyer. So, save yourself some time, give us a call to get a great deal on your damaged vehicle.

    Call (03) 8746 4268 / 0481 211 011 or fill our online form given on this page to receive an instant quote.