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Used Car Parts are a great way to save money. New replacement parts can be quite expensive. So, buying second-hand parts instead will help you save a lot of money. If you’re looking to Buy Used Car Parts and are not sure where you can find genuine parts at reasonable prices, this guide is for you.

Where Can I Find Quality Used Auto Parts in Australia?

There are so many avenues where you can find second-hand parts. But, not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. So, we’ve put together this guide to help you locate authentic Used Car Parts Dealers and avoid scammers who’re just out to rip you off.

Car Wreckers


Car Wreckers

Find an experienced and well-established Car Wrecker. Wreckers are in the business of buying used and unwanted cars, dismantling them for parts and refurbishing and selling them as used parts. The important thing is to find a licensed and registered wrecker. Some ways to find out if a business is legitimate is to check out their website and see if they have an address listed. Unlike scammers who will not have a physical address listed, legitimate car wreckers will have all their contact information and details clearly listed on their website. Of course, you can also look at their reviews to ensure their past customers have had a good experience with them.

Online Used Auto Parts Dealers

While you can try to find a part on Gumtree or other listing platforms, this is a very risky option as you’ll be trusting, and dealing with, a stranger. The chances of getting ripped off or getting into a dangerous situation are higher. There have been instances where people have tried to buy or sell stuff via Gumtree and ended up getting mugged or have had their homes burgled. So, avoid such scenarios and instead look for an Online Used Parts Dealer like Melton Auto Wreckers. We make it simple and hassle-free for you to find your part. Simply browse our online parts catalogue and choose the part you want. You can also call us to see if we have the part you want.

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